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Vienna (Austria)

Die Agile Tour 2012 kommt wieder nach Wien, und zwar am 24.11.2012!

"Agile Tour" ist eine Community Veranstaltung zur Softwareentwicklung nach agilen und Lean Prinzipien.

Ziele sind

  • Wissensaufbau
  • Austausch und
  • Kontakt/Kennenlernen von Experten

Registrierung (€ 30) bereits möglich - kostenloses (limitiertes) Studentenkontingent!


Call for Speakers

We invite all agile practioners to join Agile Tour 2012 Vienna with their talk. Please send us your papers to The program commitee will confirm your talk.

The main conference language is German but English talks are welcomed, too.

Talks or Workshops should cover topics out of one of the following areas:

  • Organizational issues in agile projects
  • Technical best practicies & wonderful Tools
  • Automated testing in agile projects
  • Agile Requirement Management
  • Economic questions, project performance and business considerations

Possible session formats are:

  • Classical 45 min talk
  • Lighting talk, everybody has got 5 minutes
  • Interactive sessions / workshops
  • Maybe Open Space - please contact us if you want to moderate

Questions? Ideas? Want to participate? Please contact us