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Dublin (Ireland)

Date & Registration Cost

Thursday 1st of November - Free event so 0 euro!


Grand Canal Hotel


1pm Registration + tea/coffee
2pm Welcome
2pm15 Timebox or Flow? Choices to consider in your Agile/Lean adoption (Colm O’hEocha from AgileInnovation) 2pm15 From the coalface: implementation of agile methods in an International Solutions Business (John Vaughan from SoftCo)
When considering agile adoption for the first time, we can be overwhelmed by the choice of methods, practices and tools. Should we try Scrum, or XP, or FDD, or DSDM? What about Lean, DfLSS, Kanban? Should we stick to one method, or combine a cherry pick bits that fit with our context? In this presentation, I characterise two basic categories of agile/lean methods: timeboxed, iterative methods like Scrum; and flow based methods such as Kanban. What are the pros and cons of each approach, how to select between them, or should I adopt a bit of both?
This talk will help those new to agile to get an idea of the various methods available and how they relate, while it will of interest to more experienced practitioners considering evolving their methods to the next level of maturity and effectiveness.
Like many successful companies SoftCo faced challenges in maintaining release cycles of its code base as number of customers expanded over the years. As a result SoftCo began a root and branch analysis of these challenges which led to the transformation of the organisation with agile methodology. Agile has now been introduced not only in its development departments but also across other areas that include customer support and sales. This presentation will cover the background which led to the implementation of agile, the process of change and demonstrate how agile delivers real benefits to SoftCo’s day to day business.
3pm Agile Requirements Management with User Stories (Fran O’Hara from InspireQS) 3pm Openet’s Lean / Agile Journey… ScrumBan and beyond! (Gail Park and Glen Lockhart from Openet)
User stories are simple, brief descriptions of functionality told from the perspective of a user. In Scrum or any agile development project, they are written to capture functionality a user or customer wants and they form the basis of the product backlog. This presentation will discuss, with examples, how to write effective user stories including acceptance criteria. It will discuss the roles involved in their development and how stories can then be used to estimate and plan the agile project and also to drive testing.
How we’ve transformed our Engineering Organisation from Waterfall using Agile & Lean practices such as Scrum, Feature Teams, Kanban & other Lean concepts; thus enabling our organisation to deliver small Work Packages of functionality to our Customers using a Just in Time (JIT) model.
3pm45 Tea/coffee and networking
4pm15 The Three Revolutions (Claudio Perrone aka AgileSensei) 4pm15 Experiences in Implementing Agile Development (John Abbott, Karl Heery, Mairead Mulligan, Aisling Ni Cheallaigh from Aegon Insurance)
"If you were so smart, why did you fail?", Lean & Agile sensei Claudio Perrone has been haunted by this question for years. Until, one day, he accidentally discovered a world that recognized the
challenges he once faced and gave him a new path to explore and develop. In this session, Claudio will bring you along in his breathtaking journey through Agile, Lean Software Development and Lean Startup. He will share with you some of the mental models, approaches and tools that he is either adopting or developing today to dramatically raise the chances of success of startups, innovation teams and large enterprise transitions across Europe.
In this experience report we’ll discuss our experiences of implementing Agile, challenges we faced and further steps we'd like to take. Agile allowed us to break free from a model of large teams oriented around business projects, instead favouring the formation of teams around certain systems and functional areas. By synchronising the efforts of these multiple scrum teams, we are effectively scaling our scrum approach and aiming to deliver successfully on our roadmap of business projects.
5pm 30 min. panel discussion with all the speakers

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Frederic OEHL:


AgileInnovation -
Founded in 2009, AgileInnovation focuses on the application of agile and lean software development methods in high innovation environments. As companies strive to develop new capabilities, products and markets, traditional business priorities of efficiency and quality must be augmented with the ability to ‘out-learn the competition’ and embrace emerging opportunities and change. By combining principles of lean product development with agile methods, AgileInnovation develops and supports enterprise teams operating in diverse, complex real-world environments through organizational assessments, consulting, training and coaching. Clients include Intel, HMH, OmniPay, Sage Technologies, Trigraph, Sogeti and various public sector organisations.
Inspire Quality Services -
Inspire Quality Services is the new name for Insight Consulting Ltd. originally founded in 1996 by Fran O'Hara. We provide services in areas related to
  1. Agile – particularly Scrum. Through a combination of executive awareness building, agile assessments, training and coaching we help organisations transition to a more agile way of working. We generally 'partner' with organisations to deliver on a successful transformation in support of measurable business goals.
  2. Software quality/test - ISTQB
  3. Software and Test Process Improvement – CMMI®, TMMi®, TPI®

We work in a wide range of sectors both in Ireland and overseas. Sectors include ICT, Banking, Insurance and Financial Services, Publishing, Utilities, Transport, Government and Lifesciences.